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Luxury Full Service Design Package

Luxury Full Service Design

If you’re local to Williamsburg and you want a beautifully styled, functional home, then your project may be the perfect fit for our services.
Our full service clients' get the luxury treatment- we review inspiration images and preferences with you & then we get to designing! We come back with a Design Concept & then a final presentation of floor plans, images of each furnishing, fabric and wallpaper samples & more.
All you have to do is sit back and fall in love with your new design! After approval, we get to work ordering and scheduling the contractors, receivers & movers.
On installation day, we'll kick you out for the day while we get every piece of furniture in place & ready to enjoy. You'll come back to your fully furnished home, with the scent of your favorite candles lit & champagne ready to sip as you walk through your new rooms overjoyed.
Is Full Service Design right for me?
If you want a gorgeous space, but don't have time to do the designing, shopping and managing contractors, let us take care of it.
What to Expect:

  • The Call: a phone call or video chat to discuss your needs.
  • It’s a Date: A maximum 90 minute in-home consultation for $150.
  • Client Kickoff Meeting: Letter of Agreement, payment due, & we take measurements.
  • (Week 4) Design Concept Meeting: A chance for us to ask any last questions and show you inspiration images before the big presentation. We'll show you wallpaper & fabric with think you'll love and make sure we're on the right track.
  • (Week 5-8) Design Days: We continue designing and you keep doing you!
  • (Week 8) Design Presentation: The first big day where we show you all of the fun things we have selected exclusively for your home!
  • Presentation includes: Floor plan, furniture selections, fabrics, wallpaper & paint, window treatments, rugs, custom goods, lighting, art & accessories, etc.
  • We're your go to vendor: We have worked with manufacturers to source & design your items. We'll provide a bulleted list of each furniture item, paint color, wall covering, art, lighting, and accessory from the design plan.
  • Total Investment summary, broken down by category: furniture, lighting, rug, accessories, art + shipping, receiving, delivery, installation + sales tax.

We do this for 2 reasons: 1) it will be within the investment range you agreed to so there are no surprises and 2) we don't want you to have sticker shock over a single item and then try to redesign the space by picking and choosing pieces- you'll lose the overall look and feel.
We build trust throughout the project so that you can rest assured that we have allocated your funds in the best ways so that you get the best product your dollar can buy where it makes sense to spend & save.

  • (Week 9-10) Behind the Scenes: Revisions & Ordering. We make and present any reselections, handle any backorder issues and get those orders placed.
  • (Week 10- 20) Project Management: We continue to order, track and receive deliveries, work with contractors to complete work, make site visits to your home as needed to check on progress and make sure the details are implemented by your trusted contractors.
  • (Week 21) Installation Day! The busiest, most exciting & fun day of the year.

We kick you out so that we can meet the movers to bring in all of your furnishings, arrange them perfectly, and accessorize your space. When we're done, you get to come back in for the BIG REVEAL. (This step can take 1-5 days depending on the size of your home/number of spaces.)
Completion: A final walk through to answer questions, provide you all copies of warranties on appliances, and a photo shoot day. You'll do a walk through and punch list with the general contractor as well.

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